• Do you charge for initial consultations? 

          • No.  There is no initial charge for the initial consultation.  Consultations are completely free and last up to one hour. 

          • How long before we first get into court for a divorce?
          • Generally, the court will initially schedule the first court date.  However, in most cases the parties request “Temporary Orders” to deal with many issues that should be dealt with before the final Divorce Judgment.  For example, issues of child custody, parenting schedule, child support, and other important issues can be dealt with a few weeks after the divorce was filed with the court. 

          • How much does a contested divorce usually cost?
          • A contested divorce can sometimes cost tens of thousands of dollars.  However, many contested divorces can and do cost much less.  While there is no guarantee as to the legal fees incurred for a divorce proceeding, I can ensure you that our legal fees are below market value. Further, we can work together to control the legal fees incurred in your case. 

          • Do I need to pay a retainer to retain the services of your firm?
          • Yes.  Every client is required to pay a retainer for their prospective legal fees.  Generally, for a contested divorce, a $2,500.00 retainer is required. 

          • I lost my driver’s license because I refused the breathalyzer test.  How long will I lose my license for?
          • The minute you refuse the breath test you immediately lost your license for 180 days.  There are certain circumstances where you may choose to fight this.  For example, if you were not told of the ramifications of refusing the test.  Also, if it is not your first offense the penalties are much higher for not taking the breath test, e.g., 3 years.

          • Will you come with me to my arraignment?
          • Yes.  You can call me the night of your arrest, or the morning of your arraignment, and I will be at the court for your arraignment. 

          • Do I need an attorney, or can I do it on my own?
            • Having your own attorney definitely helps. In Divorce proceedings, the attorney can talk directly to your spouse, or if he/she is represented by counsel, directly to their attorney.  This saves you from having to make these emotionally draining and time consuming phone calls.  Further, in regards to negotiations, an experienced negotiator can give you a clear advantage at the bargaining table.  Interestingly, individuals that decide to represent themselves are held to the same legal and procedural standards as attorneys.  Therefore, the task of representing yourself can be daunting.