Attorney Anthony Rao, the Lead Attorney at Rao Law Offices, has been a practicing attorney since 2006. In that time frame, he has quickly gained a reputation as an excellent advocate for his clients. Attorney Rao began his legal career in the Family Law Clinic at Suffolk University Law School. Attorney Rao was certified by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to represent indigent clients in child support, divorce, custody, and alimony proceedings. As an indication of Attorney Rao’s trial skills and abilities, Attorney Rao was named “Best Oral Advocate” of his law school class in 2003.
After graduating from law school Attorney Rao became a Child Support Enforcement Attorney at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue

Attorney Rao handled thousands of complex Modification, Child Support, Contempt, and Paternity cases before the Middlesex and Essex County Probate and Family Courts. In 2010, Attorney Rao left the public sector and was named an Associate Attorney at the Massachusetts Law Group. In his time at the Massachusetts Law Group, Attorney Rao handled Family Law and Criminal law matters. Read our FAQs

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