FLAT-FEE UNCONTESTED DIVORCE Rao Law Offices charges a one-time flat-fee of $1,300.00 for uncontested divorces. This means that the client does not pay hourly for the lawyers time, rather, the client pays a one-time fee that covers the following: Read More

FLAT-FEE DOR REPRESENATION Having child support issues with the DOR? Has your license been suspended? Have you received a notice for an upcoming hearing and do not understand the process? Read More

FLAT-FEE DRUNK-DRIVING CASES Rao Law Offices provides superior representation for first-offense drunk driving cases for a flat-fee up and until trial. Read More

BELOW MARKET HOURLY RATES Rao Law Offices has one simple goal: to provide Superior Representation at a reasonable cost. To that end, all of our hourly rates for work spent on your case are below market value. Read More

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Your family and your liberty. Your freedom and your children. Your home and your freewill. All of these valuable things can be taken away from you.

In a divorce proceeding, the right to see your children when and where you choose can be taken from you. Your cars and homes you’ve collected over the years, can be divided, sold, and confiscated. In a criminal proceeding, your freedom can be taken away from you. You may be incarcerated, or your Driver’s license suspended. From the beginning of any legal proceeding, whether in the Family and Probate Court or in any District Court of the Commonwealth, having an aggressive, skilled, and passionate attorney can insure that your rights, your liberty, and your important interests are safe-guarded. Your rights matter.

Anthony Rao, the lead attorney at Rao Law Offices, understands that there are no two areas of law of more importance than Family and Criminal Law. Attorney Rao focuses his practice exclusively to the area of Family and Criminal Law because his passion and his career goal is to provide high-end elite trial advocacy skills at minimum cost to his clients. Our firm promise is simple: “Superior Representation at Reasonable Costs.” Being found “Not Guilty” or coming to a satisfactory result in a Divorce proceeding should not cost you your life-savings.

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