“In my first court appearance – without representation – my ex-wife was granted custody of our children, control of our rental properties, and I was ordered to pay her child support. Soon thereafter I retained Attorney Rao’s services. Attorney Rao was able to bring the matter back before the Court – before the Divorce was finalized – and achieved the unthinkable: an agreement between my ex-wife and I that allowed me more time with my children, a reduction of my child support payments, and shared control of the rental incomes.”
  - Darrell J. from Worcester County


“The DOR had been ruining my life for years. I hired Rao Law Offices, and almost immediately the DOR had returned my driver’s license, and reduced my child support debt by 50%.”
  - John S. from Essex County


“I was charged with OUI First Offense. I called Attorney Rao at 1:00am the night of my arrest. The next day Attorney Rao came with me to my arraignment, and was able to get a date a week later for a Pre-Trial. At the Pre-Trial, we were able to reach an agreement with the DA’s office, and I had a hardship license within a few days. Attorney Rao saved my family, I am incredibly thankful.”
  - Michael from Essex County – Lynn District Court


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