unContested Divorce - massachusetts

An uncontested divorce is a divorce where the parties have already reached an agreement – at least in principal – before the proceeding begins. We will negotiate with the opposing side, draft the Joint Petition for Divorce, negotiate and draft the Massachusetts separation agreement, and have the matter scheduled for a hearing so that the judge can approve the agreement and finalize your divorce.

While there is certain documentation to provide to the court upon the filing of the Joint Petition, this type of divorce is the least intrusive and the most cost effective. The Court only requires one court hearing for the Massachusetts Family and Probate Court Judge to review and to approve the parties’ finalized Separation Agreement. At the court hearing, the judge will ask you a series of questions: (1) have you signed the agreement freely and voluntarily; (2) if you believe the Separation Agreement to be reasonable under the circumstances; (3) that you received adequate legal representation, and (4) confirms that you have had the opportunity to review the other parties’ financial statements and believe said statements to be true and accurate.

We can complete all of your paperwork for an uncontested divorce and provide to you the legal help you need. Contact Rao Law Offices for more information.