Client-based representation

Every attorney is ethically obligated to provide zealous advocacy for their clients. However, many attorneys are more focused on billable hours, and creating business then they are focused on their current clients. Not at Rao Law Offices. We strive to provide open access to our clients. 24/7 access and hand-on communications from our attorneys at all times. You will not be bewildered as to the status of your case. You will not be confused as to our strategy and approach on your proceedings. You will always feel confident that you are up-to-date with every single development in your case.

Your input matters. Strategies regarding litigation are not solely created and developed by an attorney sitting in his office and reading statutes and cases. You know your case better than anyone else. You know the facts, the details, the special factors that make your case and your story unique. Your input matters.

We are a team. The client and the attorney are a team. We will work together to get the best possible results for you. The attorneys provide the information to you, the pros and cons, the statutes, the laws, the cases, and we will work together to determine what is the best path for your case to take. Of course, our advice and counsel will guide you at all times, but decisions are often made together.