child support issues - Massachusetts

As a former Child Support Enforcement Attorney for the Commonwealth, our lead Attorney, Anthony Rao, will guide you and advise you on the all the laws and regulations governing child support in Massachusetts. We will make certain that there is an equitable child support order put in place that takes into account all of the unique circumstances of your specific case.

Child support is calculated in Massachusetts by using the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines calculator. The guidelines themselves, which were worked on for over two years by the Child Support Guideline Committee, explicitly articulate how to treat specific situations, and give guidance to the court in determining what constitutes a fair child support order under the circumstances of your specific case.

Child support in Massachusetts can last until a child is 23 years-old, if the child is still enrolled in college. Otherwise, child support in Massachusetts will terminate when the child turns 18 years-of-age, so long as the child is not living at home with the custodial parent. If the child is 18 years-of-age, not going to school, and living at home with the custodial parent, the court must determine if the child is principally dependent upon the custodial parent. If it is determined that the child is dependent on the custodial parent for care and maintenance, then the court can order the child support to continue up to the age of 21, even if the child is not enrolled in any school or education program.

As children age, or circumstances change, a modification of child support is essential to make certain your children are provided for fairly. Modifying and enforcing child support orders is a critical part of our law practice. We will work with you to make sure your children are supported by both parents. Child support orders are very important in Massachusetts. Let us craft a child support order that satisfies you and your child’s interests. Contact Rao Law Offices for more information.