child custody matters - Massachusetts

Child custody issues and parenting schedules are at the heart of many divorces and other court proceedings. The best interests of the child are the most important factor for any attorney and for the courts. We will work with you to insure that your desires for the best for your children are met. We will get a firm parenting schedule set, and help establish a child support order that is fair and reasonable.

The most important aspect to any divorce in which children are involved is the determination of child custody and child support. Each family is unique in this respect, but all must come to grips with questions such as where and with whom will the children live? Who will make important decisions about their lives? What contact will they have with each of the two parents? How will the children’s financial needs be met?

All of these questions regarding the parent’s children should be answered by the parents. The parents – in a perfect world – should come together and agree to the substantive issues in regards to their children. However, if the parties cannot agree to issues of custody, and child support, the court is there to assist and to provide an order that provides for the best interests of the parties’ children.

Child custody laws in Massachusetts focus on the needs of the children and who can best meet those needs. Thus, the court seeks to provide the best and least disruptive living arrangements for the children of a divorce while considering the importance of a child's continuing relationship with both parents. Some important factors that will be weighed are: (1) the child's well being; (2) adjustment to family, school, and community; (3) relationship with the parents; (4) history of abuse, drugs or abandonment; and (5) which parent has been the primary care-giver. The law in Massachusetts does not grant preference to one parent over another based on gender.

Child custody is the most important issue for concerned parents. Let us help you obtain a custody order that suits you and your children’s interests. Contact Rao Law Offices for more information.